The struggle is real

At age 17 I tried heroin for the first time, I immediately became addicted.  See, it’s hereditary - my mom was an alcoholic and my dad is a drug addict.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but a lot of  my friends were addicted to it too so it was like a huge party.  We did have some good times for a short time. I was only addicted to heroin for six (6) months because I got in trouble (robbed people for money for drugs) and went to prison for four (4) years. My addiction was out of control. I’m a go big or go home type of girl so I went 0-100 real quick!

I am 36 y/o now and I have my own place, a good job, great friends, a supportive family but it has been a long hard road to get here. In every situation; work, housing, relationships, my past has always been an issue. When people know my past they think that they can take advantage of me, that somehow I am less than. I do now know my value but when so many people tell you that you suck sometimes you question yourself. 

Getting sober is the easy part, it’s staying that way that’s hard. Becoming a productive member of society when nobody wants to give you a chance. Owning your bad decisions in every aspect of your life is exhausting but it’s necessary and makes you a stronger person. Everyone wants to make a good first impression but some people won’t give you that chance, that’s okay though - their loss! Nobody likes rejection but you gotta get used to it because it’s gonna happen. It’s just part of life.  

Today and everyday I have to work harder than the average person to move forward and become a better person, mind - body - soul. The struggle is real. 


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